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A Link to the Huffington Post Article! April 17, 2012

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Here’s the link for my e-mail followers to the Huffington Post article I forgot to include when it was first published! Sorry! It’s been a very busy day!  Jeanie


2 Responses to “A Link to the Huffington Post Article!”

  1. Jean, thanks for letting us know about your interview. I enjoyed hearing and seeing you talk about your book and giving it such as excellent boost! I’m excited with you that it is being received so well. Of course! It is a book for our times; a world in drought of both soil and soul. May it draw many to it’s wisdom and healing ways. Many blessings in the whirlwind of activity to give this book it’s chance.

    Enjoy the ride!

    Gratefully, Julie


  2. jeanraffa Says:

    Many thanks, Julie. Let the whirlwind begin!!! Jeanie


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