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I’m Not Going Anywhere February 18, 2013

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As some of you know, at the suggestion of my new webmaster we were planning to move Matrignosis to my new site at last week.  However, because of unforeseen issues that would compromise the enjoyment I’ve found here over the past three years, I’m happy to let you know I’m not going anywhere.  Those of you who subscribe will continue to be notified by e-mail of each new post, and the format will remain the same.

But there’s good news for those who don’t subscribe or find it difficult to remember this address. You can access Matrignosis by going directly to where a click of a Blog button will bring you here. And there’s a blog feed on the home page that lists the titles and dates of my last ten posts. Clicking on these will also bring you back to our leafy forest clearing.

My new site also has several pages you might enjoy exploring, like recorded interviews, information about events, and a section on archetypes.  And before long there’ll be news about a blog tour I’ll be doing in April that will feature some giveaways. Hint: the readers among you will especially enjoy them!

My sincere thanks to all of you for visiting and contributing to Matrignosis.  Not only am I not going anywhere;  I’m planning to be here for a long time.

See you tomorrow at the usual place and time.


14 Responses to “I’m Not Going Anywhere”

  1. I find this blog much more visually appealing than your other site. I had the same theme for my blog, but recently changed themes to one that is more compatible with small screens (smart phones), but still found one that is minimal and pleasant to look at. I was really disappointed when I thought you might be moving! Wherever you are, I just think a clean, simple design will display your writing much better.


  2. Skip Conover Says:

    Wow, Jeanie! I really like the presentation of the new website; and I like the fact that the blog is staying right here! It’s all good! Best regards, Skip


  3. Skip Conover Says:

    This is just another sentence, so I can click on the “notify” button; nothing more!


  4. The new website is brilliant Jean, I love it! Glad you’re still around wordpress too 🙂


  5. elainemansfield Says:

    Perfect solution. Maddening sometimes that those wise solutions come rolling in a bit behind our deadline demands. Keeps us on our toes. I love your new website.
    Warmly, Elaine


  6. Jeanne Hyler Says:

    Wonderful news. But, you know we faithful readers would follow you wherever you went, don’t you? Just saying……


  7. Jane Nies Says:

    Is this ever the truth!

    Sent from my iPhone


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