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Mother Nature Her Ownself May 31, 2013

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Our waterfall.

Our waterfall.

I’m back now, recovering from Ireland’s delightfully unpredictable weather in the subtropical highland climate of the southern Smoky Mountains.  Mother Nature blessed this region with a surplus of rain this spring, and at the moment she’s celebrating her mystery of rebirth with every color of the rainbow, unusually bold creeks, and riotous waterfalls the likes of which we haven’t seen in years.  These photographs and musings say it all for me right now. Enjoy, and have a blessed summer.

The hybrid rhododendrons are glorious this year.

The hybrid rhododendrons are glorious this year.

“Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

I'm lichen this clematis!

I’m lichen this clematis!

“To live a visual life is an enormous undertaking, practically unattainable.  I have only touched it, just touched it.”  Photographer Dorothea Lange

We will have plenty of blueberries this August.

We will have plenty of blueberries this August!

My peonies are in bloom!

My peonies are in bloom!

“ Just as God is truly our father, so also is God truly our mother.”  Anchorite Mother Julian of Norwich


We are not separate from what is sacred;  we are part of it and it is part of us.

You can find Healing the Sacred Divide at this Amazon site and at Larson Publications, Inc.


7 Responses to “Mother Nature Her Ownself”

  1. Jim Benedict Says:

    Isn’t it great
    to be back !


  2. Deborah Says:

    Dear Jeanie, Thank you for sharing your lovely musings and beautiful photographs. This week my peonies burst into bloom. Nature is lush here in England too, for only in my childhood do I remember such a profusion of bluebells, wood anemones and dandelions! Mother Nature her ownself.

    Your final words are rich and timely as yesterday, in an unplanned meditation in which I found myself repeating a mantra, I merged into Oneness. It was an incredible two, five, ten minutes (i’m not sure of time) in which I experienced there being no separation. Blessings, Deborah.


    • jeanraffa Says:

      You’re welcome, Deborah. I’ve been hearing about your bluebells this year. Wish I could see them. How lovely to have that glimpse into Oneness—a rare restorative treat. Don’t you wish we could realize that reality all the time? Blessings, Jeanie


      • Deborah Says:

        I do, for it was total orgasmic esctasy! how different things would be – a vision of a life without conflict and war. I felt drunk with a love that lasted for what seemed like a hundred years. 🙂


  3. Beth Black Says:

    What a glorious way to start the day!!! My daily reflection is often about the beauty of the world I see around me…my yard, the sunshine, new buds. The mountains have a mystical glow…wish I were there listening to the stream run by your porch and smelling the peonies…my favorite flowers!!!


    • jeanraffa Says:

      I can’t imagine a topic more healing or suitable for a daily reflection than Nature! It gets you back into your body and senses, doesn’t it? Especially appropriate for those of us (me) who spend so much time in our heads! In fact, I think it’s time for me to get outside and look at the misty mountains, listen to the stream, and smell the peonies! Much love, my wise friend. Jeanie


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