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9 Responses to “Helping Others with Their Dreams”

  1. Susan Scott Says:

    Thank you Jeanie for this clear articulation and inspiration. So true, we can be in both worlds and allow the dreams from the unconscious to be that connecting bridge between self and the collective.


  2. Cindy Says:

    Thank you for this.


  3. Dayavati Says:

    Thank you Jeanie. Your associations with the dream were head-on. And I’m so inspired that the mountains and ocean represent the Sacred Marriage. It hopefully means I’m a little closer than I may realize.


  4. elainemansfield Says:

    Thank you, Jeanie. Beautiful dream work and discussion of technique.

    Robert Bosnak’s Embodied Dreamwork techniques gave my husband Vic and me a way to help each other dig into dreams without interpreting or stepping on sensitive toes. We’d tell a dream and the listener would ask questions leading the dreamer into the image. “How were you facing the man who owned the house? What do you see. What was your body doing?” And on it went with many questions asking for detail. Sometimes we’d transition to speaking from the point of view of another dream character, such as the man, the mountains, or the ocean in this dream. It a slow technique, but it helped both of us and made long drives rich and rewarding. The questioner was the driver while the dreamer got to be the passenger exploring inner worlds. How I miss our dream sessions–in the car, in the living room, in a hospital room, anywhere at all!


    • jeanraffa Says:

      Thank you for sharing your method here, Elaine. I love it!! I can see how people who are centered in their bodies, or need to be, would find it especially useful and rewarding. As one’s who’s always been oriented to solitary “head work,” I’m sure I would have benefited from it greatly if I’d known about it earlier in my life! (Of course, I still can!) The thing I love about it is that you and Vic did it together. What a wonderful way to strengthen your understanding and acceptance of each other….not to mention your communication skills and overall health of your relationship!


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