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Shadow or Self: Who’s in Charge? October 28, 2019

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This originally appeared four years ago. I’m posting it again because it has been one of my most widely-read. Next week I’ll post its sequel. Enjoy.

Matrignosis: A Blog About Inner Wisdom

Unknown-1“What should I do?” I asked my husband.  “This feels like a test about choosing between courage and cowardice.  Or is it between my noble and selfish selves?” We were talking about a relationship issue that was brought to my attention by a timely and bizarre synchronicity. The odds against this coincidence occurring must have been millions to one.  Because of the wild improbability I knew there was a lesson in it for me.  But what was it?

Which part of me should I act on:  the part that could see this objectively, laugh it off and let it go, or the part that took it personally, felt betrayed, and wanted to let the other know? I couldn’t tell. My habit of suppressing my truths to avoid conflicts or hurting people was still too strong. As a child and young woman, I’d seen this as a noble trait, but I…

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2 Responses to “Shadow or Self: Who’s in Charge?”

  1. Wow! Thank you Jeanie for reposting this one! It was wonderful to reread what I had written (in response) four years ago and to reread my poem “Once Upon an Ordinary Day” and then afterwards to read your generous replies there too! Your inspirational words, as always, feed my mind, body, spirit and soul!

    And today, I’m reflecting on how my shadow and Self dance differently in their words and poetry. What a journey and all thanks to your wisdom and willingness to share it, I’ve been able to make a deep, life-changing connections. I’m still struck on the healing power of number 6! Warm autumnal wishes, Deborah.

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    • jeanraffa Says:

      Dear Deborah, thank you. It’s been so good conversing with you through these years. We’ve both gifted each other with so many insights. Yes, number 6 (creating something new in our dance with Shadow and Self) has been a primary, if not THE primary healing insight I’ve gained through Jungian psychology and dreamwork. I have found that working creatively with the ‘prima materia’ of our souls, wounds and all, is how we rise above ordinary perception and enter the holy place of otherness and beauty. It is through our art that we make the unique contribution to the world we are here to make.

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