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16 Responses to “Because the Earth Has a Lot to Tell Us”

  1. Cindy Christmas Says:

    This is fascinating. I can’t wait to watch it. Thank You for sharing!

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  2. Sadly, the film doesn’t play on my laptop, ipad or phone! I’ve tried Firefox and Chrome as recommended. Hmm, perhaps it’s because there’s a zillion of us self-isolating folk online today. Nevertheless, I’ll try again tomorrow! Thanks for sharing Jeanie, hopefully I’ll get it to play sooner or later. Love and light, Deborah.

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    • jeanraffa Says:

      Phooey! Well, hopefully it is because os the online overload. I do hope you’ll get to view it at some point. Thank you for trying. 🙂 Love and light, Jeanie

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      • Yes, I hope so too Jeanie! 🙂 I’m sure it’s the online overload because my phone has been playing up all day as well. With three more weeks of lock down to go we’ve got lots of time here in the UK on our hands. Garden’s shaping up nicely too!

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  3. I watched the film, on chrome. Impressive. The man’s search was a little drawn out and repetitive at first, but picking up considerably halfway, and the penny dropped for me in the third part, when the pieces fell into place.
    I thought your commentary was brilliant and well placed throughout, holding the narrative together and providing a meaningful frame.

    I spent three months in Israel, working as a still photographer on a film shot in Eilat. I visited the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, the desert, and agree these are powerful places. In a short response to your last comment on my website I left a link. Because after I mentioned ‘soundcloud’ in relation to you songs, I remembered and re-found an interview someone did with me in 2011.
    At some point I speak about my spiritual experiences in the desert..

    Synchronicity & timing, the two terms echoing from the film you shared, work in surprising ways.

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    • jeanraffa Says:

      Oh, thank you, Ashen. Your comment about my commentary brings relief. I haven’t been sure how people would receive it, and your affirming words have boosted my comfort level! 🙂

      And thank you for your honest response to the film. I agree that Marco did an amazing job of editing my responses in a way that held the narrative together. He told me hadn’t known that was what he would do before the interview, but it felt like the right way to proceed afterwards. He’s a gifted young award-winning writer/director. I hope to see more from him soon.

      I started to watch your interview and then got interrupted. I can’t wait to return. You have certainly led a very full and fascinating life!! Soundcloud does seem like a very viable platform for some of my songs—if I ever get up the never to put them there! I’m a total amateur at music-making, but I’m having a wonderful time.

      Your spiritual experiences in the desert. Yes, I’ve been there, although my desert was not physical place. But when I actually did visit the Dead Sea and surrounding desert years later, I, too, felt the power in those places.

      Synchronicity and timing do work in surprising and wonderful ways. They have enriched my life immeasurably.

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      • Marco did an amazing job. I learned to appreciate the art of editing during a film degree I did as a mature student, needing, at the time, to re-connect with my creativity. It me into writing again.

        I know you’re busy getting your book on the road, but what bubbled up last night is yet another synchronicity. A friend I made a few years ago, initially online – Philippa Rees – wrote an amazing book that I’m sure will interest you – Involution. It’s available on all platforms.
        Here is a talk she gave at Watkins|:

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      • jeanraffa Says:

        Wow. I just listened to Philippa’s talk about Involution. Her hypothesis resonates deeply: DNA as a web of consciousness embedded in everything. Our brains don’t make consciousness; they simply return to it experientially, internally, in ways that science can’t measure. Her mention of Bohm and Sheldrake and Jung as all being onto the same thing, just giving it different “clothes,” is something I’ve also intuited and written about. Thank you so much for sharing this. She’s remarkably articulate and I think the connection she’s made with DNA as the secret and source of all this is very exciting. I’ll be exploring these thoughts for some time. Spring blessings to you.

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  4. Hi Jeanie,

    Yay! I watched the documentary earlier and enjoyed it very much! Your commentary was impressive and held the narrative together so well. Often, while watching, I encountered several synchronicities, as I remembered the effect that reading the book of “Mathew” had on me while growing up. For one Easter, at Sunday school, I had to recite those passages in front of everyone. It opened up a faith in me, beyond all reason … which is so strange to write, as I don’t consider myself a religious person at all.

    Hmm, “Mathew” was the name I longed to give my first born, although my daughter M wouldn’t have been happy! Also as a child every night I would recite the short bedtime prayer, “Matthew, Mark, Luke and John bless the bed that I lie on. Four corners to my bed, four angels round my head; one to watch and one to pray and two to bear my soul away.” And when someone said these stories were the same story but told in four different ways, I found myself nodding without really knowing why!

    In all, this is a beautiful, powerful documentary that leaves me digging into long forgotten memory and this helps me make small yet important connections. That an earthquake happened on Friday 3rd April in the year 33AD at 3pm and the sky went black and the sun eclipsed gives our beloved Mother Earth a voice and reaction to the death of Her beloved son. When I think of the earth responding like that, it’s beautiful, beyond words.

    In light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) I guess many will resonate with feeling that after decades of investing time, money and effort into building up their businesses within hours, days now this may feel like it’s all slipping away. This helps me understand the geologist so well! And yet, in these strange and difficult times, I find, quite miraculously, my faith returning … it doesn’t make sense yet it’s there, as it’s always been since I first read the book of Mathew. Hmm, I think I need to re-read that book today!

    So thank you once again Jeanie for sharing this link. Love and light, Deborah.

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    • jeanraffa Says:

      Oh, wonderful, Deborah. I’m so glad you were able to watch it. And glad to know you enjoyed it….and my part in it. 🙂

      How interesting that you should mention the book of Mathew. (I’ve always spelled it with 2 t’s.) I read it for the first time at the age of 17 and it was my favorite of the gospels. I never knew why, but I loved it. Still do. It was instrumental in opening up my faith as well. And I did, in fact, give that name to my son. We call him Matt.

      I love your interpretation of these synchronistic events being an affirmation of Mother Earth’s voice and reaction to the death of her beloved son. And aren’t we all her beloved sons and daughters? And isn’t she now giving voice to her concerns about our desecration of her holy body? And doesn’t she speak to us in synchronicities to show us that we’re all connected?

      This is the faith that upholds me, and I believe it’s the core underlying truth of all authentic religions, regardless of the different ways each culture clothes them: that we’re all connected by a core of love, life, and consciousness. Perhaps this is the crisis that will finally convince us of that truly salvific reality.

      Thank you, Deborah.

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      • Oops typo re Matthew. Great response Jeanie, thank you! Wow, you called your son Matthew … you couldn’t make it up. Yes, yes and yes again to all three questions! With the coronavirus our bodies seem to be reflective of what’s been going on regarding climate crisis, as droughts, flooding and fevers reign.

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  5. Cicero Greathouse Says:

    Thanks, Jeannie I remember your talking about this earlier. Certainly interesting and your comments were an addition which gave it a slightly different context but apropos, I thought. I’m rather enjoying my introverted days! How about you? XXQ


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    • jeanraffa Says:

      How lovely to hear from you! I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying this introverted time.I have no problem with the self-seclusion, perhaps because the Internet gives me the ability to communicate with people via emails and blog. I’ve been thinking about you for ages and wondering how you are doing. I wish we could get together for lunch but I’ll send you an email and update you with what’s happening. Thank you for writing. Jeanie


  6. Susan Scott Says:

    I’ve now bookmarked the whole video to listen to Jeanie. I listened to the clip. Lovely to see you in the beginning of the long one! I FB’d it. Enjoying Philippa Rees, I heard this talk some years ago. She is lovely is Philippa, and very articulate. Her book is extraordinary – a tome, of research and poetry. Sorry I’m late to the table, I thought I had made a comment.

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  7. elainemansfield Says:

    Thanks, Jeanie. How wonderful for you and how fascinating. I couldn’t get through the trailer without huge hearing strain and missing many words because of the combination of music and voices–so I’ll have to skip the whole video. I’m sorry because I’m interested, but the whole world is going video and I have to be careful with my fragile hearing. It must be thrilling for you to see and hear this. Sending love, light, and plenty of distance, Elaine


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